Autism in Love – the Love Story of Lindsay & Dave

What I love about weddings is that I hear about some beautiful and unique love stories. All of them are special in their own way – and this is precisely what makes them truly magical. I am always amazed how people find each other from the millions of people and fall in love.   I was truly glad when Lindsey chose me, Natalya Anderson with Haircolor and Style, from the hundreds of hairstylists on the WeddingWire vendors list in DC area. However, I did not recognize during the hair trial that she was autistic. In fact, I only found out on her wedding day, when Lindsay’s mom mentioned that she and her now husband were chosen for a movie segment titled “Autism in Love.”

 To be honest, I was deeply touched to read her story. I watched the movie about this special autistic couple and it opened my eyes about their everyday struggles to fit into our society. And, in the end, I can only say that I’m so happy for them to have found each other and to have fallen so deeply in love!
I love the Formula of Love created by Dave: L+P+2T = Relationship is Brilliant
· 25% of L – is Look, appearance
· 25% of P – is Personality
· 50% of T – is Treat, the way someone treats you.

What I learned from Lindsey and Dave?
Everyone needs to love and feel loved. Nothing can replace this feeling.

Love is Universal!

If you are interested in reading about Lindsay and follow her here is the link:
Autism in love film will be available until 4/10/2016: 

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