What I love about my job?!

Great things about to be hairstylist is people come to you, and you never know who you can meet. 

I had a new client a few month ago: Joanna Slan. 

We start talking I learned a lot about her. Joanna is a wonderful writer, she lives in Florida and sometime she visited Virginia and her hobby is working on a doll house. Every time she is in my chair she does embroidery for her passion the doll house. It is amazing to see this beautiful miniature art! She actually has book how to do and what you can use to creat the boll house. 🙂 

Please visit her page for information on latest books and events:


I was invited one of Jaonna’s event “Beta Bash”. It was great time meeting so many talented women and listen to their stories. 

Authors who I met that day and of course purchase some books to read with author signature! 

Joanna Campbell Slan

Alan Orloff

Donna Andrews

Barb Goffman

Eleanor Cawood Jones

K. S. Ruff

Kat Mizera

Karen Cantwell

Wendy Eckel

Christina Freeburn

Susan Reiss


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