Rose gold hair Ombre! 

Ombre hairstyle DIY?! Don’t!!!A lot of people like to experiment with their color style at home by themselves . Certain techniques and styles for ombre haircolor you should leave for the professionals. It obviously you can see who did it at home by themselves:

blotchy color:

and somebody who did ombre at the salon it is beautiful transition from dark to blonde.

This color was done by me for my coworker Irina. She has beautiful long hair.

This was a transformation for my client Arianna. Pinky – Gold Ombre

Pink hair, goldfish Pink hair


Irina picked rose gold color.

Before, in process and after color.

It took me almost an hour to Balayage her here. And post process in the shampoo area with the two different toners. And final step is: semi color for 25 minutes under the heat lamp.

Finishing  style: blow dry and curling the hair.

Just beautiful!!!!

​Please check all my color work on Pinterest:

I like when people say:

Invest in your hair your wear it every day!


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  1. Lisa says:

    Beautiful color!!!


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