Dress up your salad.

Ideas how to decorate Salad! Russian Salad;) 
Over the years I would make this traditional Russian Salad for birthdays or particular events. And always would make it fun for my guests. 

If anyone interested here is the recipe:


* 3-4 medium potatoes

* 1 -2 large carrot

* 3 large eggs

* 1/2 lb lean boiled beef or chicken or bologna. 

* 3-4 small picked cucumbers

*  4 oz of canned green peas

* 2 Tbsp of Mayonnaise

* Dill for garnish (optional)

* Salt and Pepper to taste. 

For decoration I usually use what is in the salad. Eggs green pease etc. 


For Halloween 👻 

Smiling sunshine🌞

Water lilies 🌸

Christmas tree :

This is ideas to decorate Fur Coat salad. 

(Herring Under a Fur Coat)


2 medium beets

2 medium potatoes, peeled

2 medium carrots, peeled 

2 large hard-boiled eggs

1 cup finely chopped pickled herring

(We like to use Smoked salmon instead)

1/4 cup minced sweet onion

1/2 cup mayonnaise

Kosher salt


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