Wedding in Colorado Mountains!

Amy and Jeb’s wedding in Colorado.

​If asked to describe their wedding in a few words, I would say it was white, magical and a beautiful winter wedding. Every time I see this picture of them,  I think of this old Russian love song that talks about a love story and the snow; it goes a little like this:

” It has been snowing all day, the snow swirling softly onto the ground… do you remember when the whole city was buried in the snow. It was the first day we met, and the snow was falling before us, as white as a clean sheet of paper. It occurred to me then, that here on this beautiful white sheet of paper is where our love story would be written! snow kept swirling down and covering up everything I was before I met you.”

​I mainly provide wedding services in DC/MD/VA area so having an opportunity to travel to Colorado intrigued me. It all started back in 2015, when I had first met the Fuentes and Snider family for their older daughter Natalie’s wedding. I remember doing two hair trials for Natalie, since we were trying to make sure that she got the perfect hair style of her dreams. I really enjoyed working with them.  They absolutely loved all of the hair styles for the bridal party.

​Once their second daughter Amy got engaged, I received an e-mail from her mother Rita with the unexpected question, “Natalya, would you  be available to travel to Alma, Colorado to do my daughter Amy’s hair for her wedding?” I answered, “Of course,” but then thought to myself, “Oh yeah right!” I’m sure they could easily find someone else in Colorado to do their daughter’s hair, and it would save them the expense of flying me there.” I was very surprised to hear later from them, that they were not able to find someone to travel to the little town of Alma, Colorado on the week of Thanksgiving. I did some research and was surprised to learn the city of Alma happens to be one of the highest elevated cities in the U.S.. I was even more excited to visit the city. The lovely Fuentes and Snider family made all travel arrangements for me to fly out to Colorado for the wedding day.  I was beyond excited to be a part of Amy’s and Jeb’s big wedding day, and even more flattered to have been invited to it.

Amy and Jeb are such an adventurous couple. They envisioned their ceremony to be outside, beneath the falling snow, inside of a Gazebo. Finally, their dream came true. The night before their big day the temperature dropped and the snow began falling, it was simply perfect! 

 We were outside for the ceremony for about 10 minutes, it was 5 degrees outside and that was as long as we could stand. I did two different hair styles for Amy. At the ceremony she wore her hair half up and half down and at the reception she wore a beautiful side bun. 

Luckily her hair styles survived the wintery weather!!! She looked flawless in all of their photos. 

​The photos were taken by a wonderful photographer ” Lindsay Thorne,” which Amy’s family flew in from Austin, Texas.
​The location  we stayed, as well as, what we saw, I will write about in another blog post labeled, “Colorado Trip.”
Thank you for reading!!
For folks who  are interested  in reading  about Jeb and Amy, here is the web:

Also video with original Russian love song and Jeb’s & Amy’s photos:

Natalya Anderson


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