Hair & makeup in a Fashion shoot. 

I work for Most Fashion Magazine. We are always looking for unique locations for our shoots. This time it was at Mina Gallery an international furniture shop located in Tysons corner VA. 

It was a little cold inside their huge warehouse that day, but our team always has great time. 

We had only two models and six outfits designed by Katya Avdeev ( )to shoot. I was pleased that my model Varvara Orlova wanted to work with us! 

Getting ready for a photoshoot.
For makeup I choose to go with earth tones and a little  golden glitter. This makeup would work for all three different dresses for my model. 
Here is the before and after makeup application
At the photoshoot everything should happened quickly. Therefore, we must change the dress and hair in 10-15 minutes. So I always think through how I can do it quickly. 
Four different hairstyles for one model

For the first look, I styled the hair down on the side:
Dress by Katya Avdeev

A quick change to a small side bun.(5 minutes)

Dress by Katya Avdeev

Most hair styles always look smaller in photos so I like to make the hair bigger;) For the long dress, I wanted to enhance the model’s hair by making it voluminous low chignon. To get this effect I used extensions and hair fillers. 

Final look: doesn’t she looks gorgeous?!!!!

Dress by Katya Avdeev

Dress by Katya Avdeev

Final look is a simple hair down. 

Dress by Katya Avdeev

Dress by Katya Avdeev

Below is a short slideshow video from behind the scenes,  I hope you will enjoy it:


Designer: Katya Avdeev

Photography: DCProStudio

Hairstylists: Natalya Anderson

Makeup artists: Natalya Anderson 

Model: Varvara Orlova

Location: Mina Gallery | Tysons Corner VA

To read and to see  more photos please visit:

Most Magazine – Fashion JAN-FEB’17 ISSUE NO.14


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